Nathan and the Trumpet

Here is a video of Nathan playing the trumpet for the first time!

Nathan's 1st Year Scrapbook

I finally got Nathan's 1st year done a few weeks ago! Here is a link for those of you that are interested in seeing Nathan's 1st year! I also would love any tips and ideas so I can keep on improving.


The first weekend in April my friend Kathryn, Nathan and I went on a hike to Romero Pools. It is in the Catalina State Park which is about 5 minutes from my house. The hike was ranked as an moderate easy hike. We soon found that it was not a moderate easy hike, but it was fun once we were done! The pools at the end were beautiful! I would love to take Nathan back when he is older so he can enjoy the pools.

Easter weekend was a lot of fun! We were able to go up to Mesa and spend time with family. Scott and I also were able to be apart of our good friends first time going through the temple and being sealed!

Nathan loved helping Grandma cook pancakes and hunt for Easter eggs.

We have been working in our back yard to see if grass will grow. So far there is no grass but it has not been a week yet so we are still waiting.

Nathan and I have been enjoying the wonderful weather. We have been going to the park and playing outside as much as possible.

Sea World

The Manning family had a Family Reunion for my parents 30th anniversary! We went to San Diego for a weekend. The weekend included the beach and Sea World. The beach was fun with Nathan because he didn't want to get out of the water even though it was cold. Sea World was a blast! We all had a great time!

Long time

So it is now March and it has been a very long time since I have posted something so here is everything that has happened thus far this year.

We are officially in our house! We are enjoying being out of an apartment. Oro Valley is wonderful. We love the area and love the view of the mountains. The ward is great! Nathan and I are in a play group with some families in the ward. There is also a library about 2.5 miles from our house so Nathan and I go to story time every week.

The week before we moved in Scott went to Japan for work. He went there to release the project that he was working on to the site in Japan. He enjoyed being there and getting to know the people that he will be working with now and then.

Nathan is now 1!!! He has 14 teeth and running all over! He enjoys going to the library, the park and going for bike rides.

Nathan loves dogs so it is a good thing that we now have a dog! Her name is Stormy, she is 3 years old and is a Australian Shepard.

A few weeks ago we woke up on Sunday morning and looked out our window and there was snow on the mountains and also on our house.

Nathan is now 9 months old! Wow time is passing by fast! Nathan and I were able to go to the zoo with my friend Kaylynn and her sons Porter and Rustin. We had a lot of fun! Nathan loved the Panthers.

Scott and I have found out that we really need to get a dog for Nathan. He loves dogs and gets excited whenever he sees one.

Nathan also loves playing with his cousins but they wear him out!

We were able to go up to Mount Lemmon for a Relief Society Retreat (I was able to get Scott to be a cook so all of us could stay the night). It was beautiful up there. It reminded us how much we love to go camping. We were able to use the hiking back pack for Nathan and he loved it. He would talk and talk whenever we were walking with him in it and when we stopped he would stop talking!

Our house is progressing very well! We have enjoyed going and seeing what has been done to it each week.

Here is a fun video of Nathan and Sadie!

Go U OF A!

Well it is official, we are going to be living in Tucson for many more years. Scott just accepted a full time position at Texas Instruments! We are very excited!

We have also just purchased a house! It is being built and wont be done until February! The house is in Oro Valley, which is just north of Tucson. We are very excited and can't wait. We will post pictures of the progress of the house as it is being built! These pictures are of the lot and also the model home.

Nathan now has 6 teeth! He is climbing and moving all over. He loves to explore every where that we go. His favorite time of the day is when his dad comes home from work. He gets to Scott faster than I do and when Scott picks him up Nathan looks at me and grins. Scott and I enjoy singing the primary song "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home".

There is a lake right behind our apartment that we go on walks to and we love to feed the ducks! Nathan, I think, likes to feed himself the bread more, while watching Scott or me feed the ducks.